Livable City

Theoretical Practice Using Wabi-Sabi Aesthetic Concept in Creating Fashion Design “The Appreciation of Beauty of Things that have passed through the passage of time”
Adapt and bloom
“The devil is in the square”
Blossom basketry
Dynamic of Structures Procedural Shading Node
Bamboo Pavilion with Concrete Fabric Composite
Form Findings Experiment: Design-Build Project for the Paper Exhibition Pavilion
The Natural House: Exploration of Alternative Biophilic Design Applications
Competency Promotion Project for Local Administrative Organizations under Housing Development and Slum Prevention / Solution Plan: A Case Study of Angthong Province
K Place Sanambinnam Market, Nonthaburi Road Soi Nonthaburi 39, Nonthaburi
The Pavilion of Nirvana Buddha at Ban Dokmai Srichan, Suphan Buri
Creating living space for families: Case study of the "Panasiri" project
SAHA CHEVASAI สหชีวา+อาศัย
Baan Mae Rim ,Chiang mai Province : A Contemporary Approach to a Lanna House
"The Power of Sand" effectively captures the core concept and theme of the UAE Expo Pavilion design, utilizing sand as a metaphor for the nation's resilience, innovation, and cultural identity.
Huean Ping Fai Mae Wu Lor, Ban Nong Chet Nuai Community, Galyani Vadhana District, Chiang Mai Province
Creation of Natural-Dyed Batik Through Application of Royal Pattern “Dok Rak Ratchakanya”
“ชั่วดีอยู่ในกะโหลก” (Chua Dee Yu Nai Ka Lhok) – Good and bad are in the skull
Embroidery pattern inspired by the earth element
The silver jewelry named "Sai"
ใบหน้าเราเอง Our Own Face
Art toy from ugly characters in Thai literature
Imperfect Beauty
Spatial Delineations: Crafting A Horror ‘No-place’ To Explore Progressive Female Representation
Etymology Inspired Series of AR Word Origins Posters
This Print Used to Be Prints
Auditory Impressions: Experimenting Thai Culture through Sonic Animations
"Why the Blue Whale, A Symbol of Wisdom and Intelligence: Exploring Alternative University Branding Through Mascots: A Case Study of Mahidol University (Thailand) Compared to Other Universities in the U.S. using Keller's Brand Equity Pyramid Model"
A Series of Sculptural Maquettes: Creative Collaboration with Google Gemini
The words of a loser
Beyond the Illusion Life's Journey
Video Art in the Vertical Garden for King Rama 9th Passing Exhibition – Seeking for the Clash of Several Emotions
Silent Love Preventing Abuse of Deaf Children
The G-Pain: Painful of Comic Art Processes
Fa Fuen - The Animation
Stepping out of the forest of rebirth
My signature Cookies
Physical Beauty
Reflections of memories after the Tsunami 2024
Auspicious Color for Well-Working Space
Chromatic Botanica : A Symphony in Bloom
The mixed media art of Rebirth
Hidden Details of the Buddha image
Matana Metaverse, The Lament of a Rose: The Experience Design for Audience in the Digital World
War Game 2023
“Bionic Cat”
Diary on the wall
Buddhist Counselling Card Deck: Enhancing Human Flourishing through Wisdom Cultivation
Graphic decoded from Antiques mihrab ( indicates the direction of Mecca/qibla)
Changes along with time.
The Eyes Wide Shut: Realm of Thai Bullfight
War, the Devil’s Mission: Boonpong a WWII hero who never held a gun and does not exist in Thai history.
Social Disruption no.01
Beautiful and mysterious
Baan Tum.Ma.Da : a specific ordinary house
HERB TO GO (Brand Communication Strategy)