Video Art in the Vertical Garden for King Rama 9th Passing Exhibition – Seeking for the Clash of Several Emotions

Assoc. Prof. Pakorn Prohmvitak

Abstract :

Video art in the vertical garden in the memory of King Rama IX passing away on October 13. Hybrid emotion of images and fresh flowers. The video art in the vertical garden is for decorating the wall in the hallway of an exhibition. The idea is to experiment to put several emotions compressed together, natural beauty and technology in media art, black & white images, colorful flowers, moving video art, and the static emotion of flowers.  The story of fantasy like from the Himavanta Forest and angels on the background of still flowers. The video art talks about the angels going to heaven and the Himavanta animals that represent Thai people’s sadness but acceptance. This experiment tries to merge several emotions at the same time to make the hallway background interesting.

Objectives :

To experiment with making different emotions clash together. The feeling from digitally created art – that is technology, and the emotion of nature – that are flowers and leaves. It is parallel with the two different emotions, the color from nature clashes with the black & white video, and another layer the video itself is a moving image, which will clash with the feeling of the still flowers on the vertical garden. The content in the video is the Himavanta forest and the angels which don’t exist in real life, and they clash with the real natural elements. Eight emotions are compressed together and juxtaposed in this piece which is displayed in the hallway of the art exhibition for King Rama 9th passing on October 13.

Conceptual Framework :

The juxtaposition of 8 emotions that come from the elements of moving images, the movement is juxtaposed with the still images of flowers in the background. The angels and the holy forest are in the imagination. They clash with the reality of natural forms and black & white of the motion pictures which are juxtaposed with the color of flowers goes to the single image which has 8 branches.

Process / Methodology :

Gather the King’s Project materials, flowers and plants. Make a vertical garden move like the wave. After that put the TV screen which has the video art. The video art contains the content of the angels and Himavanta Forest animals.  The angels represent the King the animals represent the people. The fire light is the spirit of King Rama 9. The black color represents the sorrow. The video art will loop continuously and has music that makes the hallway impressive.

Techniques and Materials :

Result / Conclusion :

The miracle emotion from several feeling sound, motion, color, imagination, and nature merge together every element has its potential uniqueness come to gather together.

References :

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