The 11th International Arts and Design Symposium
“ Work in Progress ”

The 11th International Arts and Design Symposium “ Work in Progress ”

by Council of Arts and Design Deans of Thailand (CADDT) and The Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage (ASA)  together with the Faculty of Digital Arts, College of Design and the Faculty of Architecture Rangsit University.

International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress” (Founded in 2012) is an international forum for scholars, designers and artists from various fields to share their works in progress.

Topic this year
“ Transgenerational ”

Executive Committees

Prof.Eckhart Joneurairatana
(Silpakorn University, Thailand)

Prof.Kamol Phaosavadi
(Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)

Assoc.Prof.Pisprapai Sarasalin
(Dean of College of Design, Rangsit University, Thailand)

Somchai Jongsaeng
(Silpathon Award in Design, Thailand)

Chookiat  Likitpunyarut
(Senior designer and artist, Designer of the year committee, Thailand)

Jitsing Somboon
(Head of Designer, Greyhound, Thailand)

Assoc.Prof.Dr.Tan Jeanne
(Institute of Textiles & Clothing, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)

Franyo Aatoth
(Artist Creator of exceptional graphic works, France)

Geri Forkner
(Textile Artist, USA)

Prof.Kaname Yanagisawa
(Architect, Chiba University, Japan)

Prof.DeDeniz Hasidic
(İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Turkey)

Marco Corbella
(Architect/Designer, Italy)

Asst. Prof. Andrew I-kang Li, Ph.D.
(Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)

Asst. Prof. Walaiporn Nakapan, Ph.D.
(Architect, Founder of Parabolab, Thailand)

Assoc.Prof. Chaiyasit Dankittikul, Ph.D.
(Silpakorn University, Thailand)

Project Descriptions

Transgenerational is a concept in design. It is a timeless way of thinking that reduces the restrictions of the physical and psychological, to serve the changing demands of people of every age, and to solve problems related to the lives of people who are set apart. This type of design changes one’s point-of-view to help people live together equally and sustainably.

         People are continuously changing through the process of aging, since their first day of life until their last. One’s physiology, psychology and environment also change. This causes everyone to have different experiences and perspectives.

         The Transgenerational concept is meant to be an innovative bridge helping pass on aesthetics and designs that enlarge function. They then serve the many generations which live harmoniously together. With the hope that, even though situations and statuses may be different, the things which are connected make people think of each other.

Keynote Speakers

Digital Art:  Paitoon Ratanasirintrawoot

Architecture:   Assistant Professor Dr Supitcha Tovivich

Judging Panel

Artists, Professionals in art and design expertise.

Inviting Artists

Artists, Professionals in art and design expertise. 


Works submission deadline: March 7th, 2023

Final decision announcement by Judging Panel

March 20th-22nd, 2023


Works must be created in 2021-2023 under “Transgenerational” theme and have never been displayed in any exhibition before. “Transgenerational”, the theme of this international design exhibition, was established based on the point-of-view to help people in different generations live together equally and sustainably.

Applicants must complete an application form, and be responsible for delivering the works for the judging procedure.

Application Fee 

The Applicant fee is 2,000 Baht for each application and please transfer a payment within the submission deadline (non–refundable) to: 

165-4692274, Bangkok Bank, A/C name: Academic Service Center

Remain ‘A proof of Payment’ of transfer receipt/slip (screenshot or scan) for a submission method.

For more information please contact or Tel: +66 02-9972222 ext. 5201-5.

An applicant is eligible to submit up to 3 applications.

Medium / Technique:
(Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography, Ceramics, Interior Design, Architecture, Product Design, Fashion Design, Textile Design, Graphic Design, Visual Communication Design, Film / Video, Animation, Motion Graphics, Digital Art, Multimedia, or Other)

Accepted Files Format:

  • Prepare the work of the following required format
    •  Image/Photo
      JPEG file resolution of 300 DPI, saved in RGB color space and each file must be smaller than 5 MB
    • Video/ Motion Clip
      MP4 format and the file must not exceed 100 MB

Complete the Application Form (.docx):

  1. Length: 550 – 1,200 Words
  2. Font: Arial, Font Size: 14 points, Single Line Spacing
  3. Outside margin: 1 inch all around for page arrangement
  4. Save Application form as .DOCX and PDF files 

5. Zip All files of the Application document (DOCX & PDF files) and Images (JPEG or PNG) / Videos 

Exhibiting works will be as the previous agreement between applicants and organizers, and any deviation from such agreement will not be acceptable. All information sent will not be returned to applicants.

Works officially selected by the judging panel shall be presented in the form of online exhibition and downloadable e-book via website Selected applicants will receive a certificate when taking part in The 11th Rangsit University International Design Exhibition; “Work in Progress 11 – Transgenerational”

Submission Method

  1. Download the application form via this link
  2. Complete the application form (concept, inspiration, images, video, etc.), 
  3. Fill the online submission form

4.Upload Application Form in .DOCX and PDF

  1. Upload files only one ‘ZIP file’
  2. Upload ‘A proof of Payment’ / Transferred slip 
  3. Click ‘Submit’ 

The actual works must be submitted within the deadline to Faculty of Digital Art, 3rd Floor Pattana Gallery, Rangsit University 52/347 Muang Ake, Paholyothin Road, Lakhok, Phathumthani 12000 Thailand. For more information please contact or Tel: +66 02-9972222 ext. 5201-5.

Applicants are responsible to take the works back in person (as per the announced schedule). Organizers shall not be responsible for any works that remain beyond the deadline under any circumstances.

Applicants will be solely responsible for any consequences due to the copyrights of the work violation, and or any violation of the laws.

I confirm that works sent to (“Work in Progress 11 – Transgenerational”) is my creative works, and I allow the organizers to use my works in any form for public presentation.

I accept any decision made by the judging panel and/ or organizers to be final, and I will not contest such a decision.

I confirm that everything in this application is true.

Applicants must follow the following instruction

For more information, please contact

Secretariat Office of Faculty of Digital Art, 3rd Floor Pattana Gallery, Rangsit University

Tel : +66 02-9972222 ext. 5201-5

Fax: +66 02–9972222 ext. 5200

E-mail :


Address: Faculty of Digital Art, Rangsit University, 52/347 Muang Ake, Paholyothin Rd., Lakhok, Pathumtani 12000 Thailand.