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The 12th International Arts & Design Symposium; “Work in Progress –The Devil is in The Details”


Works submission deadline: April 5th, 2024

Call For Papers:

Accepted full papers will be published for e-proceeding
Research paper submission deadline: April 25th, 2024

The symposium is hosted by Council of Arts and Design Deans of Thailand (CADDT), The Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage (ASA), The Royal Photographic Society of Thailand and Thai Graphic Designers Association (ThaiGa); operated by the College of Design, Faculty of Digital Arts, and the Faculty of Architecture Rangsit University. International Arts and Design Symposium “Work in Progress” (Founded in 2012) is an international forum for scholars, designers, and artists from various fields to share their works in progress. 

Inspirational Theme “The devil is in the details''

At the core of exceptional design lies a principle: ‘The devil is in the details.’ This profound insight, a playful inversion of ‘God is in the detail,’ attributed to the legendary German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886-1969).

In the realm of design, the distinction between the ordinary and the extraordinary often resides in the finer details. Missteps in the design process and a lack of oversight in the execution of details can lead to undesirable outcomes, endangering the entirety of the final design. Intense oversight can unravel a project, transforming potential success into a learning experience. 

The devil is in the details’ let us explore the harmony of creativity and precision. Greatness in design is achieved through mastery of the small insignificant elements.  Whether it’ s refining a design to its purest form, ensuring functionality aligns with form, or innovating within the confines of tradition with the insights and inspiration to elevate design work beyond the ordinary. Each detail, no matter how minor it may seem, is a vital component of the whole, deserving our close attention, not just as a practice but as a philosophy. 

Haste could reduce excellence. Slow down, to examine details with loving and respectful and considerate eyes. Only in this careful, deliberate process that ‘paint out the devil,’ and transform challenges into success.

Call for Papers
We warmly welcome to submit your research paper this year and please submit by April 25, 2024. Instructions for submission are available at: www.workinprogress-symposium.design/registration

Artworks must be produced between 2022 and 2024 that have not been previously exhibited. 

Applicants are required to submit an online application form and are responsible for delivering their artworks for the judging process.

Each applicant is eligible to submit up to five pieces of artwork per application, accompanied by detailed information for each piece. 

Accepted Files Format:

• Print  JPEG file Minimum A1 at 300 dpi

• Online JPEG file Minimum 800 pixels  at 72 dpi  (must not exceed 5 MB / image)  

• Video/ Motion Clip MP4 format and the file (must not exceed 100 MB/ application)

Judging panel reserves all rights regarding work selection, exhibition, and any forms of public presentation.

Judging Panel
Artists, Professionals in arts and design expertise.

Inviting Artists
Artists, Professionals and Academic Experts in arts and design expertise. 

Final decision announcement by Judging Panel
April 28th-30th, 2024

Applicants are kindly requested to submit a fee of 2,500 Baht by the specified deadline. (non–refundable). See more detail here.
The exhibition of works will be in accordance with the prior agreement established between applicants and organizers, and any deviation from such agreement will not be acceptable. 

All submitted information will not be returned to applicants.

Works officially selected by the judging panel shall be presented in the form of online exhibition and downloadable e-book via website www.workinprogress-symposium.design. Upon participation in The 12th Arts & Design International Design Exhibition themed ‘Work in Progress – The Devils is in the Details,’ selected applicants will be presented with a certificate.

Online form at www.www.workinprogress-symposium.design/submission.

Applicants are required to personally retrieve their artworks. (in accordance with the announced schedule). 

The organizers will not be held responsible for any artworks that are not retrieved by the specified deadline under any circumstances.

Applicants will be solely responsible for any consequences due to the copyrights of the work violation, and or any violation of the laws. 

I hereby confirm that the works submitted for ‘Work in Progress 12 – The Devil in the Details’ are of my own creative production. Additionally, I grant the organizers permission to utilize my works in any form for public presentation.

I affirm the accuracy of all information provided in this application.

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