A-HOME PROJECT Designing a Small Family Home : Balancing Social Interactions and Privacy in a Row House Context

Mr. Khomsan Sakulamnuaypongsa / Thailand

This article explores the design considerations for a small family home accommodating parents and two adolescent children accustomed to living in row houses throughout their lives. The family desires additional living space that fosters social interactions to welcome peers and integrates renewable energy charging capabilities, while maintaining a sense of intimacy within the household. However, constrained construction space and varied surrounding contexts pose challenges. The designers opt for a warm white wood tone to communicate simplicity to neighbors, while internally focusing on creating a connected central space that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor areas. By enclosing the external space while preserving an open atmosphere, the design aims to induce relaxation and retain a sense of privacy despite the interconnectedness of internal spaces.
Khomsan sakulamnuaypongsa

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