LP115 House

Mr.Jun Sekino / Thailand

The design of LP 115 house started with the need of a small family for a new house on the same plot of land as their original house, so there was a limitation on construction space. The designer decided to utilize the space of the existing swimming pool structure, and cover it with a new steel structure of the house, which is light.weight and easy for the construction process. In addition to saving construction space, it also saves on the cost of filling in or demolishing the original swimming pool.
In order to have enough space for living, the house is designed as a 3-story building with the first floor elevated above the ground for the main living area, and the basement which was originally the swimming pool is trans.formed into an entertainment room, while the second and third floors are private areas for each member of the family. And because of the height of the building, the facades receive an amount of sunlight which may cause prob.lems with heat. Therefore, the entire functional areas are placed inside, surrounded with corridors for future maintenance, as well as for reducing heat from living spaces.
The facades are divided into smaller portions to dissolve the building’s scale, only 3 design languages are applied to the facades: opaque, transparent, and translucent. Therefore, the facades can be open and closed as to the resident’s needs, they are able to protect the building from rain and sunlight, while also allowing natural ventilation to flow through. The facades, therefore, act like both curtains and insect screens of typical Thai houses. The interi.or of the house receives natural light during the day, and at night the building is lit from the inside out. The house is the architecture that changes color according to the color of natural light at different times of the day.

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