COCO HUT / 2023

Mr.Cris Sola / Spain

The Coco Hut project is a bamboo architecture work meticulously designed to serve as a guest house, with indoor space arrangements suitable for relaxation, rest, daily living, and bathing, all within the building. Inspired by the shape and versatility of the coconut, which served as the primary reference in its design, this structure emerges within the context of a former permaculture farm. In addition to the main body, a small pavilion stands apart, designated for dining enjoyment and a cozy kitchen area. As an additional oasis, the project features a small pool, providing a serene space to relax amidst the mountainous surroundings of the Mae Taeng District, in the Chiang Mai Province. Every aspect of this architectural masterpiece reflects our commitment to natural beauty and sustainability, creating an experience that captivates the senses and nourishes the soul.

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