HUA VIANG HUA FAI - Learning KIT from Integrative lifelong learning ecology into cultural townscape, Chiang Mai old city

Asst. Prof. Dr. Chiranthanin Kitika / Thailand

Cultural townscape needs to be kept and presented to the city with local community as Lifelong learning lesson. Researcher sets area of study with the radiances of city developments which appears on north-eastern area between old city and first cycle of superhighway where the old townscape has never been nourishing. Hua Viang and Hua Fai represent the city before modern development where the city was established with cultural landscape and also local communities. Methodology is to connect cultural townscape with local community, local government, and civil society engagement as Learning ecosystem with 3 methods. They contain with Corroborative creating Cultural mapping, Learning city sandbox, and Creating learning ecosystem. The output is to create Lifelong learning lesson which creates with 12 cultural townscapes and connects as Hua Viang – Hua Fai learning route which is evolving of local storytellers and supporting by tram service by Greenery-beauty-scent social society.

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