Wang Zhao Jun: so beautiful as to make flying geese fall

Assist. Prof. Lojana Manodhaya

Introduction :

Wang Zhao Jun is one of the four most beautiful women in the history of China. She was praised for having the courage to sacrifice herself by marrying the leader of the Xiongnu clan, a rugged region located in northern China during the Western Han Dynasty. bring peace to both lands without invasion for a hundred years The story of her devotion to the country is a memorable story that has been recorded in history and passed down to the present day. people to publish make a play as well as being an inspiration for painting for painters of all ages as well.

Wang Zhao Jun’s story impressed and inspired the artist who create this 3D artwork work called so beautiful as to make “Wang Zhao Jun: flying geese fall” The methodology of creating by studying her biographer. Study the characteristics of Han Dynasty women’s dress from many sources such as books, YouTube, and various websites, including her paintings that the painters like to paint her. It can be said that she was symbolic of a young woman with a beautiful face wearing a long red robe, in both hands she holds the pipa, a type of Chinese stringed musical instrument. When studying and analyzing data, in summary, A crystallized idea is a sketch based on imagination. It is a picture of Wang Zhao Jun sitting down on the rock to play the pipa, a trusted musical instrument, to alleviate her longing for her relatives mourning for the homeland that she had to leave her homeland in a state of servitude. To live in a Xiongnu land that she was unfamiliar with.

The techniques used in the creation of this work bring sculpture and painting methods together by using paper clay as the main material, flower clay, various sizes of wire, and synthetic materials such  as  foam,  artificial  gold  chains,  and  artificial  snow  as

components. Achievements that are complete, and beautiful, artistic aesthetics according to the objectives.


1. To present the image of Wang Zhao Jun, who is regarded as one of the four beautiful women imagined by the artist who created the artwork.

2. To develop creative artworks with paper clay by using sculptural methods to create shapes together with painting methods to convey the feelings and realism of the work.


Study the information analysis from the web page related to Wang Zhao Jun’s biography, appearance, behavior, and clothing style of women in the Han Dynasty to provide inspiration that develops into the concept of drafting as follows.

Biography, Appearance, and Behavior of Wang Zhao Jun

Wang Zhao Jun was named, “so beautiful as to make flying geese fall down” even flocks of birds had to fall from the sky because they forgot to flap their wings when they saw her beauty. Wang Zhao Jun was born during the reign of Emperor Han Yuandi of the Western Han Dynasty and she was recruited as a palace maid. At that time painters were bribed to paint their beautiful pictures to have a chance to meet the emperor but Wang Zhao Jun didn’t think so. At that time, Hu Hanxia, the head of the Xiongnu clan in northern China, approached the emperor to ask the princess to join him in marriage. The emperor had volunteered the maids to go and he would establish her as a princess but since the Xiongnu tribe was so far away, It is also a rugged area with a desert and a cold climate. Only Wang Zhao Jun was willing to leave. As for the emperor, seeing her for the first time, he was greatly disappointed by her beauty and rhetorical intelligence. but reluctantly gave it to her. Her devotion this time allowed the two lands to live together in peace for a hundred years. At present, there is a monument to her and Hu Hanxia, the head of the Xiongnu clan. Her own tomb still exists in Mongolia. Including the

dubbed of her additional that “Wang Zhao Jun, the great warrior who sacrificed to a distant land”.

Han Dynasty women’s clothing information

The clothes of this era consisted of long coats, short blouses, short mittens, and skirts. In this era, woven fabrics were very popular, so people who had money in those days wore clothes made of fabric, satin, women’s dresses, and clothing ranging from shirts and skirts together and separate the skirt into 2 pieces.(Figure 1)

There is a processing of the use of elements, the use of colors, and the meaning of colors. and the meaning of the tree flowers in the works. Then the creative process follows.

Techniques and Materials:

1. Creative production process

Forming: To build up the structure, a 2 mm, aluminum wire was bent into a frame and pinned onto the base, which was a glass bottle. Then start sculpting the figure according to the sketch. (Figure 6) When the sculpture has dried well, polish the surface with sandpaper.

Stone platforms use foam-cutting tools for the desired shape. Then covered with paper clay. The Pipa instrument is molded with veneer and cedar wood, stretching the thread to make a tendon. (Figure 7) The pattern of Pipa uses acrylic paint painted in a lotus shape with lotus leaves. Then decorated with gold beads, gold jewelry and rhinestones, then painted in color.

Coloring process: The painting uses acrylic paints, which the paint will add a lighter weight to create more dimensions, decorated with faux fur details on the upper part of the coat, and jewelry made. The plants, the flowers are made using flower clay mixed with light oil paints, wrapping the branches and trunk with flora tape. Then put them together and attach the work floor with glue. Use paper clay to cover the floor over the foam base on the wooden base to help close the gap between the work floor. Then glue it over and stick the artificial snow as the final step. (Figure 8)


Using sculptural methods to create shapes combined with painting methods to convey emotion and realism.


Use paper clay as the main material for sculpting the works. Use a glass bottle as a base for Wang Zhao Jun’s stone bench. All of the rocks are molded with foam. The structure of the tree shape uses wire of various sizes to make the trunk and branches, flower clay is used to make flowers and ornaments. In addition, artificial fur, artificial gold chains, and artificial snow were also used to decorate the details of the works.


“Wang Zhao Jun: so beautiful as to make flying geese fall” aims to present the image of Wang Zhao Jun, regarded as one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history as imagined by the Creative Artist. In addition, Wang Zhao Jun’s beauty was also regarded as a sacrifice who was willing to devote herself to protecting the peace of the country by being willing to get married in Xiongnu; far away barbarian land.The Creative Artist imagined the image of Wang Zhao Jun while she was hitchhiking, to be a young woman with a beautiful face dressed in the robes of a nobleman in the style of the Han Dynasty and a long, bright red shawl adorned with fur over another layer. She was sitting and playing a song from Pipa; her trusty musical instrument, to alleviate the loneliness of being distant from her relatives and homeland without knowing the time to return. The scenery behind her was a rock and the entire area was covered with white snow to convey a lonely and cold atmosphere but around her, Mei flower trees were blooming with pale pinkish-white flowers all around her. The creator intends to compare Wang Zhao Jun and Mei flowers because Mei is a symbol that conveys elegance, purity, and perseverance. The meaning of Mei flowers also means to inspire people to fight through hardships and be determined to face obstacles with strength.

creating the artwork “Wang Zhao Jun: “She is so beautiful as to make flying geese fall” with paper clay material, it can respond well to the work with its easy-to-shape properties. Able to invent work to be complex, delicate, and able to easily paint acrylic over the work surface. You can also use materials such as artificial gold necklaces or other synthetic materials such as faux fur, artificial snow, and flower clay can be decorated to add detail to the work.


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