The sustainable Contemporary Items Design from The Theory of Post Minimalism.

Mr. Patipat Chaiwitesh

Introduction :

The garbage problem situation in Thailand is facing the crisis in garbage management when compare to the increasing quantity of garbage continuously all garbage from houses, communities and industrial factors  by the data from Department of Factory in February 2565 has informed about receiving the hazardous waste in the waste disposal factory found that there are the quantity of waste and garbage more than 2 million Tons that be the unused waste and garbage from whole manufacturing process since input raw material, produce, Quality control, pollution treatment, machine maintenance until demolition or building offices and others staffs residence in factory  including sludge or residue such as  raw material scrap,  deteriorated products, used chemicals, sludge, ashes, dust, soot, filter bag, battery, machine equipment parts, concrete equipment parts, scrap metal electronic equipment scrap, electronical appliances, packaging, contaminated containers, etc. Such information indicates that increasing industrial garbage and waste increase in only one month which still not be included with garbage from others places by disposing of waste and garbage properly of 2 million tons in each time can reuse the garbage only 25% resulting in contamination of toxins in garbage and waste to environment all of water source, earth, weather and also effect to human health. Environmental problems be problems that tend to be more serious unto the economics and socials changing of country so in this present time environmental problems of the world also be in the crisis due to the growth of global industrial factors causing Carbon Dioxide Emissions and any various greenhouse gases more than the natural can keep the balancing and still effect to get a lot of natural disasters, ecosystem and the environment was also destroyed which leading economic losses and effect to the livelihood of living beings and humanity as unpredictably and also be the importance and harmful to the future of all human being on this world. By this research will study environmental problems from garbage and waste scraps from Industrial Factories and make the understanding leftover materials all of the type of form and physical quality of materials to properly use by recycle to prolong the service life of those materials by taking the technique of handicrafts to apply with Postminimalism theory for designing the contemporary object to suit with new consumers who love to use in simply dwelling, beauty, to be the environmentally friendly and present a new perception to environmentally friendly products. 


1. To study product designing under the concept of Sustainable 

2. To study product designing and apply through the Post Minimalism theory in designing 

3. To study the physical quality of leftover materials from Industrial factories for bringing in properly designing. 

4. To study and trial design the Sustainable Contemporary objects through Post Minimalism theory. 


Studying product designing through the concept of Sustainable which to apply on Post Minimalism theory in designing Contemporary objects to reduce the production process that waste energy and to respond the need of new consumers who want the environmentally friendly products as more and more by taking the leftover scrap materials from Industrial factories to produce Contemporary objects such as accessory, decoration sculpture, jewelry i.e. by using the technique of handicrafts that blending through the Post Minimalism theory until being the new contemporary products that suit to new consumers. 

Techniques and Materials:

1. This studying aims to study the garbage and waste scrap problems from Industrial factories that effect to environment and taking the leftover from waste scrap to reuse processed as Contemporary objects to new generation. 

2. Researcher study the quantity of leftover waste scrap from Industrial factories that can take to reuse processed in Thailand and take to design through the Postminimalism theory in designing to produce in the reality work by using the technique of Thai handicrafts. 

3. Sampling group in this study be the new generation group who having sustainability interesting with the age between 25 – 35 years and live in an urban area. 


To optimize resources for the circular economy, the goal is to reduce the amount of waste to less than or equal to zero as the concept of sustainable. But in some cases, the wastes are of broken raw materials or poor-quality components which definitely cannot be used or recycled. To strengthen this idea, researcher foresees the potential of broken glasses or damaged materials from the glass blowing manufacturing to create new valuable jewelry. The researcher wants to present a new perspective of Fine Jewelry that does not focus on the value of raw materials, but intentionally turn the waste from any industry’s production into a new product by use the theory of post minimalism. The researcher turns silver scraps into wire, then, creating new geometric shape adorned with broken glasses with design theory and craftsmanship. By optimizing resources of the circular economy, it serves both wearers and viewers’’ view of beauty as well as creating a contemporary design approach for new generation people.  


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