Sunshine Vibes: Sharing Happiness Through Motion Graphics

Assist. Prof. Jinabhadr Kantaputra

Introduction :

The creative research project on motion graphic design titled “Sunshine” aims to share happiness to everyone. This project is an innovative interdisciplinary media of visual communication design and music. The goal is to create an engaging and visually stunning motion graphic that captures the essence of happiness and radiates positivity. This project seeks to explore the use of motion graphics as means to communicate positive emotions and inspire joy in audiences. This is also for them to enjoy the rhythmic activities. The main character was a young lady who is the dance leader for everybody throughout the song. Also, the two-dimensional characters engaged with the motion graphics against the background of natural scenery.

This motion graphic was divided into three parts as follows: Part one, the first part started with morning glories of the day with fresh and beautiful natural atmosphere such as sunrise, blooming flowers, fresh trees and singing birds in the middle of the valley. Part two, the second part presented sharing of happiness in the international festival days by giving foreign flowers instead of Thai flowers to mothers, fathers, teachers, and the loved ones. This part depicts today’s multicultural society. Part three, the last part presented the giving of happiness to everyone. Animation of colorful balloons floating into the skies symbolized happiness, joyfulness, and cheerfulness.

The researcher has conducted this research project by studying related topics as follows: Happiness, Meditation, Nature, Music, Rhythmic Activities, and Motion Graphic. To design a quality motion graphic media project, the researcher prepared a survey questionnaire to collect responses and feedbacks from first-year students on the influence of colors and related graphics to their feelings of happiness. As a result, the 3rd scenes were designed by using colorful balloons floating into the skies to demonstrate the

atmosphere of happiness in many aspects such as Love, Freshness, Cheerfulness, Fun, and Mindfulness. Eventually, the “Sunshine” was used as a part of teaching medium in the course named, “Life Design and Happy Society.” The satisfaction assessment results were analyzed and used as inputs successively to this motion graphic design.

By sharing this creative work with the world, it hopes to bring a smile to the faces of all who see it, and to remind people of the beauty and joy that surrounds them. With “Sunshine,” it aims to inspire others to embrace positivity. It is believed that by sharing our own happiness, we can create a ripple effect of joy that touches the lives of everyone around us.


1. To create innovative interdisciplinary motion graphic designs of visual communication design and music as media in communicating the sharing of happiness efficiently;

2. To support the use of musical rhythms in body movements of mindfulness and happiness;

3. To represent multicultural communities for students and the interested public, both Thai and foreigners.


1. Studying on Meditation, Happiness, Nature, Music, Rhythmic Activities, and Motion Graphic;

2. Composing an English song titled, “Sunshine”

3. Recording the lyrics and completing the musical arrangement;

4. Recording the motion pictures of the lead dancer;

5. Surveying of color influence to human emotion and feeling.

6. Drawing cartoons based on four prototype characters in the story;

7. Creating graphics about happiness;

8. Placing the lead dancer and the graphics in each scene, making movements to match the rhythm of the music and adding transitions to combine all scenes.

9. Designing the title and graphics symbol for this motion graphic.

10. Evaluating satisfaction surveys of this media.

Areas of Creative Works / Techniques and Materials: Writing the lyric

The researcher and a sound designer have co-studied the music about happiness. We agree with the arrangement of musical harmony using melody of musical notes in the Key of G that created beautiful sounds, heart-felt satisfactions, and suitable tone for the meaning of the lyrics about happiness. The time signature of “Simple quadruple time” or “4/4” was selected because of its easy listening, not-too-fast rhythms. “Cubase Pro” computer music application was used to help the music composer appropriately. We have learned from the orchestra band and chosen various musical instruments for matching the music with the meaning of the song, “Sunshine.”

The orchestra musical instruments are selected as follows:

String Instruments: 2 Violins, 1 Cello, 1 Viola, 1 Guitar, and 1 Piano

Brass Instruments: 1 Trombone and 1 Trumpet

Woodwind instruments: 1 Flute

Percussion Instruments: 1 Tambourine and 1 Bongo Drum

Creating the characters and graphics with Illustrator application


Designing the characters

Mother: The beautiful mother is putting on the yellow apron to represent a woman who enjoys cooking for her family.

Teacher: The aged teacher is wearing a brown suit and tie to represent a respectable person.

Darling: The young man is wearing pink t-shirt and black jeans to represent a teenager falling in love.


Designing the graphic images of festival-day flower

Pink Carnation: For our mom on the International Mother’s Day.

White Rose: For our dad on the International Father’s Day.

Yellow Daisy: For our teacher on the International Teacher’s Day

Red Rose: For our darling on the Valentine’s Day


Designing the other graphic images

Parrots: They are colorful pets that have beatiful sound and be able to imitate human voice. The are friendly and always make us happy. This image is used for the scene of “Birds are singing at sunrise.”

Sun Flowers: They are elegant and strong flowers that always face the

sun for encountering a new day. This image is used the scene of “Leaves are dancing to say hello.”

Heart Image is the symbol of love. I make the pattern of them for representing the scene of “I give you with all my Heart.”

Balloons: In the Balloon Festivals, people are full of harmony, unity, and friendship. I design a balloon attaching a gift box floating in the sky for the scene of “I have a little box for everyone”.

Airplane: When we were young, we always looked at an airplane in the sky. This gave us a lot of imagination and happiness. Since an airplane usually full of passengers, so I use it for representing the scene of “Join anyone share anyone.”

Clouds: Clouds in the sky give the feeling of comfortable, imagination and freedom, so I put them in all sky scenes.

Colorful balloons flying out of the gift box: When we love and care someone, we will let them know by giving a gift on the festival day. This is a way to share the happiness to others. In fact, you can always give a box of happiness to people around you. In this motion, I compare many colorful balloons to happiness. This

image perfectly represents the scene of “Open the box. Open the Happiness”

Taddy bear: The lovely pink Taddy bear with Santra hat is holding colorful sweet Lollipop. She is sitting on the green box with letter “H” and “N” on each side. And the box is floating in the sky by two pink balloons. This image be able to represent the scene of

“A Little Box of Happiness” very well.

Fire Works: As we know, the fireworks in the sky are best display for the final show of festival. Then I design the fireworks to get along well with other graphics for the final scene of this motion to enrich the happiness.


Final Scene

– To get rid of green color and animate all graphics with After Effect Application.

– Then the girl clips are ready for using with any scenes.

– The dancing girl with valley scene


Design title and graphics symbol for the motion graphic

“Sunshine” is the title of this motion graphic to convey clear and concise meanings of morning sunrise in the middle of a valley. This gives the men and women powers to train themselves well and forward the gift of happiness to others.


Choosing a typeface for the title

This researcher chose the typeface, “Coconut Beach” for the title, “Sunshine” because the font has delicate fine-looking lines that are compatible to the background music accompanied by the singing of a young lady who was the lead dancer. In addition, the typeface has contemporary characters, casual and not too conventional, consistent with the style of graphics and background images used.

Graphic Symbol

The researcher presented the graphic symbol using scenery of the valley in the morning sunrise, to show the powers of Nature that is the foundation of happiness for men and women. Simplified graphic lines of the images were used to support the memories of the viewers and be a remarkable symbol.

Modifier words for “Sunshine”

The words, “Happy Dance for Everyone” were used to place under the title, “Sunshine” for a better understanding of the theme. The researcher chose the typeface, “Tahoma,” for the modifier words because it is a popular font on computer screens and other digital devices. Even in small letters, the font is clear and easy to read.


While the researcher was working on music composition, the severe COVID-19 outbreak continued. The pandemic was a huge obstacle for the production. The researcher solved the problem by asking the sound designer to create a prototype singing sounds in the English language using computer-aid programming. The singer practiced the singing sounds from the prototype. The team producer organized online meetings to remotely mix and revise sound in a recording studio.

The researcher prepared a survey questionnaire on emotions and feelings of colors (Power of Color). Feedback responses were received from first-year students of Visual Communication Arts, College of Design, and Faculty of Physical Therapy and Sport Medicine. The survey found that bright and beautiful colors provoked a wide range of emotions and feelings. As a result, the 2nd and 3rd scenes, related to sharing happiness, were designed using colorful balloons floating up into the skies to demonstrate the atmosphere of happiness in many aspects such as Love, Freshness, Cheerfulness, Fun, and Mindfulness.

The satisfaction survey questionnaire aimed to assess the completed motion graphic media. Two groups of the students evaluated the motion graphic design duly. Four assessment topics

included: 1. Image and Motion, 2. Sound and Music, 3. Overall Feedback, and 4. Usefulness of the Media. The satisfaction assessment resulted at an average score of 4.43, equivalent to a very good level.

The researcher truly hopes that this motion graphic media will encourage the public and anyone interested to participate in the activities. Audiences and viewers are happy and entertained. In addition, the media will create an inspiration for the gift of happiness to mothers, fathers, teachers, loved ones, and fellow men and women. Our society will be a better living place filled with love and peace.



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