Sea (e)scape

Ms. Laddawan Sarapat

Introduction :

The world of work in today’s era has changed in various areas, whether it is technology, society, politics, claims for various rights, also the spread of disease that affects living and working. People must develop themselves to keep pace with various trends in society, especially educational organizations. Both the organizations system and the students. All of those situations sometimes cause stress at work. This may cause physical and mental effects. Stress management is therefore necessary. which has a variety of methods. For me, going to the beach is another thing that can help reduce stress.

Humans are part of nature. Beach travel is also a way to connect with the beauty of nature. The vastness of the horizon and water, the beach, the wind, the sun, the sound of the rhythmic waves crashing against the shore. walking on the beach Take a deep breath of fresh air. These all make us feel free, relaxed, calm. The color of the sunrise and the horizon also inspires us to understand the truth, no matter what happens in each day, at the end of the day even the sun is setting, it will rise again the morning with warm light, creating positive energy and hopeful feeling. Bringing the beach atmosphere and beautiful natural elements into our daily lives is another option that will help us relax as well.

This project is aim to create the works by using natural elements such as marine forms, surfaces of ripples, wind, marine animals such as shells, fish, corals, etc., as well as plants. Seaside flowers such as morning glory and the Bird of paradise. The clothes decorated with crafts that make you feel relaxed, calm and comfortable feeling like relaxing by the sea. Creating the works that can be worn in everyday life and working day in a seaside atmosphere. With project title “Sea (e)cape, Represent the desire to escape hard working day to a peaceful feeling by sea scape atmosphere.


1. To develop and create fashion works using the atmosphere of a beach vacation.

2. To study the physical characteristics of plants, marine animals and surrounding things along the beach.

3. To study fashion techniques such as whitework embroidery to interpret physical features of the sea. Marine animals and the seaside environment to create new surface techniques.

4. To develop the potential of learning techniques and methods of creating fashion works which will be helpful in further teaching and learning development.


1. Study and gather information about the atmosphere and feeling of vacationing by the sea.

2. Study fashion techniques especially whitework embroidery

which can be used to create new surface shapes from the collected data, including ocean waves, marine animals, and plants at seaside area.

3. Analyzing data to use as design direction such as the shape of clothes that are popular for beach vacation. shape of waves, surface shapes of sea creatures and seaside plants.

4. Design an outfit mood comfortable as a day on the beach, but can be worn on a working day to create a relaxed atmosphere at work.

5. Experiment on surface techniques and sample fitting before developing to actual production

6. Analyze problems in terms of both styles and fabric texture manipulation techniques to develop and create an actual 2 outfits

Techniques and Materials:


The technique used in this project base on various crafts and whitework embroidery that can be seen in the seaside atmosphere

with comfort and relax mood. Create a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Representing with animal shapes and surface, Flowers and plants by the sea such as fish, shells, morning glory, the nature of sea waves. which is rippled and swaying, etc.

– Shadow applique Finishing with fabric overlays gives varying amounts of layers to create light and shadow.

– Fagoting stitch It is a decorative stitch in a zigzag pattern (herringbone, twisted stitch fagoting) to connect two pieces of fabric together, either as a large piece of fabric or using bias tape hem. It is a decoration used in underwear. often seen in vintage clothing, Home furnishings such as tablecloths, placemats or underwear

– Drawn work It is a decoration made by removing weft and warp threads from the fabric. Then tie the threads together to form a pattern similar to a net. Originally, it was made on white fabric that often combined many decorative techniques by sewing patterns together by hand. (whitework) drawn thread parts are their most distinctive element. It is also grouped with whitework embroidery because it was traditionally done in white thread on white fabric and is often combined with other whitework techniques.) It is the basic decoration of lace making which usually done on white linen.

– Cut work In Italian, “punto tagliato” is a decoration in which part of the fabric is embroidered and cut off, leaving a hole on fabric or embroider the pattern on the cut out of the fabric. It is commonly made on white cotton or linen. People often confuse it with lace.

– Crochet lace create decoration with crochet flower and leaf pattern



– Linen, a natural fiber fabric, gives comfortable feeling and ventilates well. It is commonly used to decorate whitework.

– Embroidery thread (cotton)

The color used in this project is white which gives a feeling of purity, cleanliness, cheerfulness, comfort, simplicity and calmness, adding free space for new ideas. Overlapping fabric into various layer to create uneven opacity weights.


Creative work on the topic of “Sea (e)scape” with the objective of creating fashion works that can be used in daily working life. Bringing the “going on a beach trip” vibes and atmosphere that gives you a comfortable and bright feeling through the design process from my personal traveling experiences. I have experimented and developed both concepts and techniques for decorating surfaces and content that correspond to emotions and feelings of peace and comfort. Focusing on the use of whitework embroidery technique, a traditional decorative technique which became popular in the late 1800s. It is commonly used instead of lace, but I have adapted some hand work techniques to use the machine instead of hand embroidery, such as tying yarn according to changes over time with the development of technology but still have a flair. The style of whitework is still the same. All of the above representing the idea of “transgenerational” through white work embroidery Using natural shapes and surfaces to create 2 set of wearable outfits that can be worn both at work and on vacation.