S O C (Sense of Control)

Mr.Wantawee Simchomphu

Introduction :

In the midst of human society a person’s physical expression would show maturity, rationality to meet their needs based on Reality Principle to help to thoughts, decision and expressions appropriate to the circumstance.

Libido is the basic human need including actions to meet their needs are all a result of decision but the performance of personality shows maturity, rationality and the person’s intelligences. With a human society,

Human physical expression for interaction it is necessary to consider the impact on the other about rationality appropriate to the circumstance based on Reality Principle for analysis distinguish to understanding of context and social values, not just for the sake of recognition in society but about adjusting to living together in society happily.


Interpretation for semiotic communication.

Use image in communication.


Pencils sketch on paper line with a black ink pen then imported into the computer customization vector and digital paint .

Techniques and Materials:

Areas of Creative Works / Techniques and Materials (*Optional):

Adobe Photoshop, Bitmap/Raster Adobe Illustrator, Vector

Digital Print


Adaptation to survive in an epidemic situation in addition to having to take care of one’s own hygiene still have to be attentive Be aware of the effects on those around as a tool having more sympathy for others will help reduce the problem faster until the situation is normal.


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