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Ms. Podjanee Kakaew

Introduction :

At times, we tend to make quick judgments on our own, without recognizing that each person in this world is unique and has had different life experiences and influences. We may judge others based solely on their actions without taking into account the facts or information that is needed to make a proper assessment. This is especially true in our current society, where we are bombarded with news on a regular basis and may be tempted to make superficial judgments about the people or situations we encounter.

In creating each of their works, the artists drew inspiration from various digital media resources, which are often viewed superficially without being fully analyzed or considered. Through their use of motion graphics techniques, the artists sought to encourage deeper and more rational thinking, moving away from superficial judgments and instead focusing on a more thoughtful and nuanced approach to understanding the world.

The digital artworks created through this process convey a sense of depth and complexity, urging viewers to take a closer look at the world around them and to consider the various factors that may be influencing the situations they encounter. By avoiding superficiality and striving for a deeper understanding, individuals can gain a more nuanced and informed perspective on the world, one that is not limited by quick judgments or superficial assessments.



This artwork serves as a reminder of the importance of being informed, thinking critically, and examining situations in depth before making a decision. By doing so, individuals can make more informed decisions that are based on reason and analysis, rather than superficial details or hasty judgments.


This visual presentation is a result of the inspiration drawn by artists from the digital society. artists have used the image of the eye to convey the perspective of seeing and meeting. At the beginning of the image, the eye appears unclear, conveying a superficial look .The use of color in the presentation is also significant. Adding color to the image of the eye signifies the addition of information or news, which may be either true or false. As the presentation progresses, the image becomes clearer, conveying a deeper vision that requires the viewer to think about the subject matter until they see a clearer picture.

Motion Graphics and Composite Program (Adobe After Effects) Techniques.

Techniques and Materials:

Compositing / After Effect CC 2017


This artwork represents the importance of critical thinking when consuming news. It encourages us to delve deeper into the facts, consider the causes and effects, and broaden our perspective before making any judgments or decisions. By taking a more analytical and informed approach to the news, we can gain a clearer understanding of the world around us. This piece of art is a reminder to be mindful of the information we consume and to approach it with a critical eye.


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