Imagination of The Buddha in the dimension of enlightenment.

Assist.Prof Chuchai Assawaarekun

Introduction :

It is an experimental, creative, imaginative work. To the spiritual dimension of the Buddha which is believed to have attained higher dharma Sees the world as fluid, uncertain, and ultimately non-self. Is the true absence. To the emptiness of everything.


Experimental creative imaginative work. to the spiritual dimension of the Buddha.


It is an experimental work based on improvised thinking (Automatic thinking – Automatic Painting) based on the ideas of the Surrealist and Dada groups in Europe during World War I. that at some point in creativity Ideas will follow from free experimentation. By bringing images of various things to create with collage techniques in a computer program Until you get a picture that has meaning or doesn’t have meaning. But it must be especially impressive. As the artist Thawan Duchanee has said, “My work, you don’t have to know what it is, but feel it,” which is an important way for surrealists and Dada groups who want artists to escape from the real world. the world of rationalism into a world without reason Amazing, strange worlds from the world we are familiar with. in everyday life.

From the experiments in this way I created an image that It looks like there are divided image channels with different proportions. In each square there are colors and shapes of things that flow, erratic, seemingly absurd abstract works. but focus on feeling of Abstract artists in the modern era and the image of the face of the Buddha image Come build with those complex dimensions from my feelings when seeing the picture feel the complex spiritual dimensions of the Buddha . which is believed to have attained higher dharma Sees the world as fluid, uncertain, and ultimately non-self (Anatta). is the true absence. to the emptiness of everything . in one way in another concept I used to try to remember the day of Buddha enlightenment. Understanding the cycle of birth and death of the animal and Himself is an infinite number of Life. which saw many births and deaths It seems to be an image that has a very complex dimension. which is consistent with the image that has been created come more or less.


Works can reflect the intricacies of the soul of the Buddha at enlightenment.