Asst.Prof. Vichai Mekkerdchoo

Introduction :

Man-made rules, regulations or laws are regulations to prevent damage and to make order. Regulations are rules that humans set up to prevent people from doing things that are dangerous to life, work and property in order to create order peacefully in social life.

Man-made rules, regulations or laws determine human behavior that’s related to human life from birth to death. Rules or laws are arising from the ideas or beliefs of human beings as a

basis. Therefore, it has the concept of a philosopher in many eras, provide the meaning of rules or laws…

Man-made rules, regulations or laws are important to life, work and human relations. No matter where you live and what you do, there must be more or less rules in order for life, work, existence and relationships to be smooth.

But how confident can we be? For man-made rules, regulations or laws that state that it is there to protect us from the dangers that may occur in our lives. Some are for asset protection. Or in fact in reverse Man-made rules, regulations, or laws are there to keep others and society safe from ourselves….


Man-made rules, regulations or laws regulate human

behavior. It is related to human life from birth to death. It is a result of human thoughts or beliefs as a basis.

But the problem is the loophole in man-made rules, regulations or laws and Ignorance of the law may not be an excuse. Even in the real world, ignorance is not wrong, with vulnerabilities, or such ignorance brought about influential people and have more knowledge of man-made rules, regulations or laws, take advantage and abuse and rob things unfairly from fellow human beings.


From that concept, the creator of the work wants to present Works for general audiences to realize and question society how can we be confident with man-made rules, regulations or laws and ignoring these loopholes.

In its form, it depicts a bizarre, incomplete skeleton. This is presented in a symbolic sense. Not all humans in society are perfect both mind and thought.

And there is a dense barbed wire fence surrounding it. Barbed wire is symbolic that is a man-made rule, regulation or law to protect both concepts and ways of performing in daily life to be stable and safe. Or look at it in another way, a densely enclosed barbed wire fence will possibly be like a bond that human beings in society cannot escape from the faults of rules and laws, including loopholes and imperfect or not.

Techniques and Materials:

From this concept, the creator takes Photos & Retouching technique and finish by silkscreen on canvas(75cm. x 150 cm.) that could be respond such concept.


Man-made rules, regulations or laws to protect both concepts, property and ways of doing things in daily life to be stable and safe, regardless of the other side of the rules, loopholes of Man- made that is the right thing or not. Or should we let it continue like this? Not dare to step away from what is like a barbed wire fence that binds us

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Rules, Regulations and Schemes