Nice Appareal Headquarter

Somchai Jongsaeng / Thailand Deca Atelier CO., LTD.

Introduction :

The architecture of Nice Apparel, a company that distributes and manufactures garments for global sports brands, reflects its unique identity and priorities, which include freedom of movement and communication. Free seating is a key design element, promoting collaboration and fostering a sense of community among employees. The lightweight structure further enhances the sense of freedom, allowing for easy reconfiguration of the space as needed.

The space is designed to alllows for the usage of cutting-edge technology and to facilitate communication and collaboration. The incorporation of natural light promotes wellness and productivity among employees.

Overall, the architecture reflects Nice Apparel’s active lifestyle-focused ethos, promoting wellness and productivity while fostering a sense of community among its employees. This space is a testament to the company’s values and priorities, strengthening its brand and culture while supporting its operations.


Publishing year:

Design Development Phase


Project dimensions or duration (Min.):

8,000 sq.m.



Architecture & Interior Design