Family houses 3×3

Ing. arch. Matúš Repka / Slovakia

Introduction :

The reason for building two houses was the idea to show the minimal ergonomic modern living in a natural environment. The aim was to create housing, whether permanent or weekend, with timeless parameters of functionality and design embedded in the surrounding environment of the golf resort. In the early days, the brief needed to be re-evaluated – the size, the necessary rooms, their orientations, the technical facilities, the need, and how to address privacy. The size of the houses is the same, they differ from each other by the system of arranging the different spaces, vertically versus horizontally. This sorting has contributed to the fact that the high-rise house is in a way an extrovert, the ground-floor introvert. The houses are a search for the ideal balance between privacy and communication with the surroundings, between functionality and beauty, between requirements and possibilities. The basis of the house is a cube – a living room with a kitchen, dining table, fireplace, and terrace or terraces. There are 2 bedrooms with separate bathrooms. The remaining spaces complete the necessary comfort – entrance, storage, and wardrobe. The houses have direct access to the water and a view of the hole of the championship golf course.


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