Mr. Jun Sekino / Thailand

Introduction :

The word ‘BAAN’ in Thai means house, the necessity of human being. This 80-year-old house, located in Bangkok, has been transmitted through 4 generations of family. It has been countlessly restored through its employment. For this renovation, the architect intended to reformulate the characteristic of the house without depriving the sense of hominess of the existing by integrating some industrial elements which creating the unique quality to the architecture. The simplicity attribute of the house is portrayed by a straight-forward form and function arranging.


This project aims to bring back the life of the house that aged over 80 years. The purpose is not only to improve the old house’s condition for people to live in comfortably, but also to maintain its sense of hominess as well.


The design process initiated from client’s requirements and site inspection to explore the possibilities of design. Then it started with rough sketches of ideas, then design development with mass models, concept drawings, and renderings. Even during the construction, on- site problem solving is also a part of design process.

Techniques and Materials:

Architecture Renovation


The house is divided into 2 buildings, the main building, and the service building at the back. The existing structure has been restored within the existing boundary. The interior space is being extended by rearranging the program and diminishing some walls. On the first floor, it is locating the common area including living and dining area with a private courtyard for the relaxation of the family members. The second floor is a private space for the family members which the ceiling has been lifted to widen the initial space.

The architect intentionally consolidates the ‘old and new’ elements by utilizing the industrial material including steel and glass with a refurbished existing material and structure including wooden column, beam, or other wall elements to establish a reminiscent connection to the former space. With a clearer space, natural light and ventilation can be penetrating easily within the interior space as well as allowing a clear visual connection to the exterior scenery. All the details and elements were dedicatedly designed to appropriately correspond to the existing. With the combination of all these elements and materials, sense of place and uniqueness is given to the design without depriving of the original characteristic of the house.