Thai literature the journey from the past to the future.

Assist. Prof. Sutat Palama

Introduction :

Cultural identity is the identity of a group or culture Although there are regional differences, Concerning art education, we can view studying art as cultural communication. We can express and perceive the meaning of the context of Thai literature through art. When doing so a person gains a sense of cultural identity and self-respect. Which is important in creating works.

This work is an illustration of the 2023 calendar of the National Telecommunication Public Company Limited. The country’s leading communications elevating Thailand to the international level by using communication to drive the world in every dimension Connection without limits, without time, in line with the design concept, is the main character in Thai literature. that travels through time From the past to the new era where everything is driven by innovation.

Thai literature, no matter how many generations have passed, has remained unique and valuable.

and proud.


1. To research and develop the process of Illustration.

2. To apply the knowledge gained from research to develop concepts to convey the

meaning of Illustration .

3. To create machine assisted artwork in the theme of “Journey from the past to the future”


1. To research and develop the process.

2. To apply the knowledge gained from research to develop concepts.

Manohara is the kinnari (half woman, half bird) heroine of one of the Jataka tales.

Typically referred to as Manohara and Prince Sudhana

This story features in the folklore of Myanmar, Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, northern Malaysia and Indonesia. The Pannasjataka, Pali text written by a Buddhist monk/sage in Chiangmai around AD 1450–1470, also told the story of Sudhana and Manohara. There are also many similar versions told in China.

Phra Aphai Mani Although, Phra Aphai Mani contains many mythical creatures and supra-natural protagonists, its major difference from other Thai epics is that they are originally created by Sunthorn Phu himself, unlike those poetic tales based on well-known folk stories like Khun Chang Khun Phaen. Moreover, Phra Aphai Mani was composed during the period of western colonization of Southeast Asia, and as a result, many parts of the story include characters of European ancestry, from mercenaries to pirates. Some Thai literary critics believe that Sunthorn Phu composed Phra Aphai Mani as an anti-colonialist tale, disguised as a versified tale of fantasy adventures.

Krai Thong is a Thai folktale, originating from Phichit Province. It tells the story of Chalawan, a crocodile lord who abducts a daughter of a wealthy Phichit man, and Kraithong, a merchant from Nonthaburi who seeks to kill Chalawan. The story was adapted into a play.

Sketches of experimental design of characters and scenes in various concepts according to the characteristics, personalities, and habits of the characters that are suitable for the events in the story.

Develop characters to suit the storyline to design scenes in each episode of the story. Color sketches.

3. Use Adobe Photoshop to complete the final step.

Techniques and Materials:

Digital Illustration / Photoshop Size : 31×42 cm

Number of pieces: 3 piece


Thai literature the journey from the past to the future. From Assist.Prof.SutatPalama


ศรีปราชญ์ (2494). ประชุมวรรณคดีไทยภาค 1 กำสรวลศรีปราชญ์. โรงพิมพ์ไทยวัฒนาพานิช.