Dirty/Erotic Wallpaper

Assoc.Prof. Pakorn Prohmvitak

Introduction :

Filp-flopping words are usually used to have fun with close friends, especially when you have a party with alcoholic drinks. This word play usually comes from “dirty” jokes. Some people can capture this while some cannot. Those who can capture the meaning will laugh when the new words come out.

An example is daw-yor. As individual words, daw means star and yor means a fishing net. But when you put these two words together and you flip the order, it will read as door-yaow, which now refers to a long-male-sex-organ.

This dirty or erotic wallpaper separates individual words and turns them into pictures. Like the star-fishing-net example, all the pictures have been separated into a jigsaw puzzle with other pictures that match. When you see the compound picture, change the compound picture to words and reverse the order a dirty joke will emerge out of it.

This wallpaper could be used in a love-hotel, a bachelor’s bedroom, a pub or bar. It could be used in a hipster coffee house, a teenager restaurant, a karaoke room or the lobby at a massage parlour. The patron of such a place can play the well known Thai colloquial game “ทายปัญหา” (guess the problem) and enjoy their time.

The use of red, redish-pink, and redish-orange are the colors of eroticism. When this wallpaper decorates the room or other places, it will give the sence of love, or sexual playboy and playgirl games. This speaking wallpaper highlights the plane of the wall.


to create interior decoration wallpaper Furthermore, the wall can be utilized to play guessing games. It’s intended to be sexually amusing.

Techniques and Materials:

Graphic Design


Obtain a wallpaper prototype. It was also tested with the target audience to play guessing games based on the jigsaw puzzles in the wallpaper. that causes amusement and laughter